The Diggers and the Folk Memory of Land

I’ll be giving a talk on the Diggers and the concept of Folk Memory tomorrow (5th July) at Mandeville Place, London 18:40-20:10.

The Diggers were a small group of religious and social radicals, who sought to transform society through the reclamation and working of enclosed common land.  This talk will explore the experience of the Diggers and focus on the Anglo-Saxon land tradition of which they saw themselves as inheritors.  We will explore the concept of ‘Folk Memory’ and consider the impact and lessons that can be drawn from their day to our own


Published by Ed

I left teaching to spend more time on education (apologies to Tony Benn). I've always had an interest in the nature of land and our relationship with it. I want to try and collect shared memories 'folk memory' of the land we inhabit and the ways our memories shape our connection to it.

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